Friday, March 6, 2009


so I had my bi monthly check up today, and rather than discuss how the baby is doing and my plans, I got a lecture on how I need to sign up for labor classes and how men don't realize and take the time to make this a priority in their lives. The "Dr" went on to tell me that most men are not supportive and need to be prodded along in this new adventure and realize that their lives are going to change, and how much our lives are going to change and we had better realize this. Never once finding out how supportive my husband has been, or any background history. I can get that advice from those who know about us and our lives.
The thing is I have not yet signed up for classes because my husband has been taking an 8 week accelerated course at school as well as 3 full term classes. all our free time is homework, or church, or helping friends, or we moved, or going to my appointments with me. He class is done next week and the next labor class starts up in April, so we are going to take it next month. And my so called "un"supportive husband is looking forward to taking the classes, in fact he has been reading up on parenting books while I read the boring labor books, then we talk and share notes on the things that we find. And he is caring and calm and cuddly when I need him to be. I could not ask for a better man.
I don't like doctors, more later cause I have to leave for work. Which by the way I keep getting lectures on that on how my profession(massage therapist) is really hard normally and especially hard for pregnant women and to be careful, carpal tunnel is more common in pregnant women. Don't over do it. Oh my work is too much. I only work 3 hours a day with an hour break between every massage. I rest when I need to and drink lots of water. And I will be off as of next friday so that I do not over do it. I need to take care of my health and that of the baby. I think that people need to listen more and quit jumping to conclusions from a word or two. Grrrrr!


  1. Oh the joys of Drs. But someday I promise that you will find a Dr that you love and that is everything you expect one to be. then I just hope you don't have to move and try to find another one...

  2. Hey Shannon! I am happy to see you have joined the blogging world. :D I know what you are feeling with all those silly lectures from doctors. I got lectured by my pediatrician the other day and it made me really angry. I love how they dont care about your health but your personal life sometimes. And you WONT overwork yourself...I never did. You know your body and when it's time to stop. How much longer do you have now til the baby comes? And is it a boy or a girl?

  3. Ugh...I commented and it didn't take. Anyway. I know how you feel about docs getting into your personal life. Aaron and I did all that stuff together too. It makes it worthwhile for the hubby to be involved. Are you having a boy or a girl? How much longer til baby comes? So, I am jealous you have a house. We are still crammed in our 1 bed apartment. Baby is in our room. Which is okay for now, but we are going to need our own space when she gets bigger. Glad you joined the blogging world! I will be sure to add you to our list. :P