Thursday, March 5, 2009

A home

Ben and I recently moved out of our one bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house. This has been such a wonderful blessing in our lives. I am able to do things around the house and not feel like I am tripping over my dutiful husband while he is sitting and doing homework. We have the space to spread out, we still find each other in the same room and often sitting next to each other on the couch.
Although I did sometimes like the closeness that the smaller apartment afforded, I was concerned about when the baby came where we would put things, how was Ben going to study while the baby is crying or fussing, how I was going to take being in such a confined space for days on end, and the safety of the neighborhood. But now we have room for our growing family and a room just for the baby. I love this home.
One thing I love the most right now and missed intently in the apartment is the natural light. there are so many windows in this house. In the mornings and all day long we do not have to turn on lights to see. It is not til evening after the sun is down that we need to turn on a light. If I want it brighter I just need to open the blinds and let the sun shine in. wow. I love light. I feel so much more able to do things now. I do have to be careful though, cause I was not getting enough rest for a pregnant woman so my muscles tightened up and forced me to slow down and get the proper sleep. It is not that I don't sleep, I just see that there is so much to do and I will get to my nap later...but later never happens. So now I will nap when needed and eat more often.
Well this is kinda nice so far. I certainly type faster than I write and sharing my thoughts helps me to get out what I am feeling and not in negative ways all of the time.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your new house. My husband and I bought a house in the summer of 07. I would have to agree. A house is so much better than an apartment. :)

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the space and all the natural light. Where is your new house? If you need any help unpacking let me know. I am free most days because I still haven't started working yet.