Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I have been thinking about...

Play dates
I have yet to really get into this craze. Really I just want to have time to myself, mostly to sew or run errands and not have to take the girls with me. I do not want to sit at someone elses house while I watch my child play, Ooh fun! I guess I just need a babysitter, or I may not understand the benefits of a play date. I could gab with other women but I want to talk about something other than children and house cleaning.

I love, really love sewing and many people have suggested that I sew things and sell them. I like the idea of making money but sewing. I do not want my outlet to be my work. I do not want to have deadlines to get a project finished. My children and family come first, not some sewing project. I think if I did make things to sell it would be pretty fun to get my items out there, right now I sew for my family or I like to make gifts for people.

I rarely get the time so sew the things I want to, how would I have the time to make things to sell.

Dating my husband.
I really want to do this, but we have no money. The things that we enjoy doing together cost money. We have had so many offers for others to babysit our children and that is wonderful but we have to have something to do. I want it to be more romantic, thought out, planned. I want to look nice for my husband. My wardrobe sucks right now, yes I have ALOT of clothes, this does not mean that I can wear them right now.

Guilt for spending money on myself
I really need a massage, I hurt. I need tennis shoes, dental work, a hair cut, and some cute clothes(or just a new bra). But I have a hard time spending any money on myself. I do not want to take anything away from my children or husband. They need things and I can wait. But I am starting to feel resentful that I am always waiting for the things I need.

Meal planning
I should do it but well I just do not know where to start.

I want to get in to this. I had started getting coupons from the paper but I did not use the things that there were coupons for. I dont need to get things that are a good deal if I do not use them. How does everyone keep getting such good deals? I have seen some offers of classes but I do not live near the places they are at. Help.

Well I need to get back to the Fam.

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