Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been going over what is needed for a family of 4 for a 12 month supply of food and other needs. It is quite overwhelming. so I thought that I would break it down in to approximately one month increments and that seems much easier to handle and begin to get. Also I could buy all of one item for a years supply, but then I would only have one or 2 items. It is much better to get what is needed for a month and continue to add one month at a time. So I will not be purchasing 600 lbs of wheat at one time, which is only $200. I will instead be getting enough for about 3 months at a time. I am doing the same with all my big ticket items, and small ones too.

After seeing what is going on in Japan this is daunting, what if all my pre-planning just gets washed away. I will just have to have faith that this will be good for me and my family. I love having cupboards full of food, to me that is security. I do not need all the new fangled gadgets, I want to know that I have food, clothing and shelter. I hope that my family and friends are doing what they can to prepare for emergencies and disasters.

as I type this my Leah is hanging on my right arm, making typing next to impossible.
til next time...

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  1. Oh yes, i know the feeling of having a little one hanging off the arm, they always want you most when you are busy, right?

    Anyway, i just found your blog and thought i'd say hi!

    xo em