Friday, May 4, 2012

I create

After writing my post last night, I came to an amazing realization. Not only do I create what goes on my blog, but I create my life, the environment in my home.

I create what my children experience and how they will experience life. I create friendships or not. I create many things.

For so long I have thought that I am only creating things when I am at my sewing machine(which I love to do).

I feel quite free today.

I am quite sure that friends, family, church leaders, strangers and God have been trying to teach me this very thing.  I am glad that I have finally gotten that lesson.

I look forward to creating how we grow as a family, or growing as we create what we envision.

I hope to have many opportunities to create many things. I love to share what comes.  So here is to creating new things.

What do you create? please share with me. 

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